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Employees who don't stay?
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Are you preparing to engage in business with a start-up? Are you recruiting a C-level executive or engineer? Are you preparing to trade equity for seed money or convertible debt? Wolfskill's qualified and licensed investigators leverage ALPHA DILIGENCE™ to conduct a comprehensive review of your partner, employee, or client and their readiness to engage in business with you.

We leverage state-of-the-art technology and proprietary services only available to licensed and bonded investigators, collateral and credit adjustment professionals, members of the intelligence community, as well as expert technical architects, engineers, and project managers. We comb through hundreds of datasets to surface patterns of personal, professional, and technical fitness and alignment toward your desire to be fairly compensated for your work or investment.

A Wolfskill ALPHA DILIGENCE™ is completely discrete, leaves no trace among reporting agencies, and is vastly more comprehensive and revealing than a typical credit or criminal background check. Each Wolfskill investigator is bonded and insured—and, more importantly, each is a veteran expert at aggregating multiple and disparate records and resources to give you a clear understanding of potentially costly, dangerous, or outright fraudulent opportunities.

Wolfskill harvests and packages the critical data you need. A Wolfskill TRUST REPORT includes a Business Integrity Audit and Financial Fitness Evaluation. The TRUST REPORT includes a breakdown of past and current corporate interests, business formations and closures, outstanding financial obligations, tax liens and judgements, credit, criminal and legal proceedings, relevant geolocation and regional market activity, and much more...

A Wolfskill TECH REPORT is meant for investors or corporate officers seeking to acquire intellectual property—i.e., purchasing or licensing SaaS offerings and/or standalone code or software related products. A functional demo and/or a minimal viable product is simply not sufficient to determine if your acquisition is ready to launch. The TECH REPORT validates the readiness of a prospective product or team to scale for commercial release and/or to integrate with existing marketplace solutions. Wolfskill's expert architects and engineers are national leaders in open source and cloud-based best practices. A Wolfskill TECH REPORT includes our Code Commercial Readiness Analysis, which verifies...

  • transferable and accurate documentation
  • version control with a clean history
  • sufficient system and integration testing coverage
  • a secure and automated deployment pipeline
  • a codebase with a minimum of technical debt and cruft

A Wolfskill TECH REPORT ensures your code and infrastructure acquisition is forensically analyzed and benchmarked to exacting standards of performance and maintainability. Wolfskill can also assist in the assessment and onboarding of new team members accompanying your acquistion of new technology.

NOTE: TRUST REPORTS are typically generated in just 24 to 48 hours. When your TRUST REPORT is ready, your Wolfskill account manager will schedule a one-on-one review of the report data with you and your assigned investigator. TECH REPORTS for up to 50,000 lines of code are usually generated within five business days, and are usually dependent on access to the code via a repository or .zip file. (Wolfskill complies with any NDA terms set by you and/or the intellectual property owners, and these can be executed online.)


Wolfskill offers two types of reporting... For companies and people—select a Wolfskill TRUST REPORT, which includes our Business Integrity Audit and Financial Fitness Evaluation. For code and infrastructure benchmarking—select a Wolfskill TECH REPORT, which includes our Code Commercial Readiness Analysis. When you need both—we offer the TOTAL REPORT.

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The only thing required to begin is the name of the company, and/or the name of the potential investor, owner, officer, or employee for whom you wish to collect data.

Reach out to us, and a Wolfskill account manager will contact via your preferred manner of communication, confirm the details of your request, and include a secure link for payment. Upon receipt of payment, a Wolfskill Investigator and/or Architect will be assigned to your request, and the data for your report will be generated.

When your report is ready, your account manager will e-mail you to schedule your one-on-one with your assigned Investigator and/or Architect. Wolfskill Investigators and Architects provide you with realtime, human-to-human assistance, highlighting for you the most revealing and important forensic data and findings—giving you everything you need to immediately begin making safer, more robust, and profitable decisions.

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